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Lust is the animal instinct we feel towards someone, the feeling focused on the physical attraction and love is the sum of all your partner’s qualities that you adore, even when you don’t. Lust is often the first stage in a relationship when two people feel immediate sexual attraction towards each other. When in its beginning stages, lust has the same effect on the brain as a drug. You also may not want to do the things couples tend to do, like cuddling or having breakfast the next morning. Oh the beauty of being in love! Similar to lust in some aspects, being in love is the rush and excitement we get when we’re around the person we are dating. Still hopped up on feel good endorphins, this stage can sometimes fall under an idealization: instead of objectively looking at the person before us, we are projecting and seeing someone we want to see in them.

Being the right fit for each other and finding that true love, is the holy grail of relationships. Having a best friend for life doesn’t sound too shabby, does it? I’ve got 3 children, all independent. Our very first conversation was about the dates we had been on and the lessons we had learned. We decided to meet at the Red Lion Pub for our very first date.